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Accounting Power® case study 

by Steven Brewer, CPA

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I started my own practice in 1996. About 10 years ago, I saw the shifts that were taking place in tax work, and decided that we needed to make some changes within our firm to survive – namely, to stop relying so heavily on tax returns to be the main source of income, and to expand our services and reach.

Before, a lot of our work was desktop write-up processing. We were always waiting for clients to bring in their monthly work – and if they brought it in late, we might be days or weeks behind. It was a very manual situation that we had very little control over. So we decided to start looking at how to become more efficient and proactive – AND have more control over our processes. That’s when I decided to partner with AccountantsWorld and their software solutions.

Now, our main emphasis is CFO/Client Accounting Services and bookkeeping. We’re able to offer a higher level of services than before, and tax season is dramatically better. Best of all, we’ve achieved 75% revenue growth over the past 5 years – without changing our number of clients.

Because of course, most clients want not just the tool, but the knowledge, and when we show them this software will provide us with the power and insights to be able to better serve their needs, they’re almost always on board with that.
– Steven Brewer, CPA

"Our firm has achieved
75% revenue growth over the past 5 years – without adding clients."

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