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We used the power of the cloud to make it possible for accountants to offer personalized, professional, and highly profitable payroll services with virtually no compliance headaches.

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Payroll Relief by AccountantsWorld:

Payroll Relief is designed exclusively for accountants, and performs payroll processing tasks automatically, on time, and with 100% guaranteed accuracy on computations.

  • Performs direct deposit, tax payment, tax filing, and electronic child support automatically.

  • Achieve peak efficiency with batch processing.

  • Approve payrolls and print checks in batch.

  • Print, email, e-file, archive, and release to employee portals all W-2s and 1099s in batch. 

Unprecedented automation

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Streamlined Workflow

Payroll Relief is organized to follow the sequence of payroll processing.

Customize your payroll service to best meet the needs of each client.


Integrate with third-party vendors such as QuickBooks, Sage, and more.


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Attend a 30-min webinar »

Payroll made faster, easier, and virtually hassle-free.

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Over 70% of Payroll Relief customers cut their processing time by 25% or more with Payroll Relief.

  • Supports calculations and compliance for Federal and all 50 states, including local jurisdictions.

  • Handles any business with unlimited pay types and deductions, contractors, and third party payments.

  • Allows you to generate a comprehensive set of reports for payroll compliance and management.

  • Offers a secure portal for employees to view their profile and view/print their pay statements, W-2’s and 1099’s.

Highly comprehensive

"Payroll Relief is powerful, efficient, and easy to use. It allows firms like ours to compete with ADP and larger firms."

Tim W., CPA

"My firm now processes 240+ payrolls with just two staff members, with plenty of room to grow."

Tyler W.,

Owner, Cirrus Payroll

"Payroll Relief is working extremely well to profitably expand our payroll practice."

Martin G.,

Principal, HBK