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Payroll Relief® case study 

by Matt Contardi

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Our clients choose us and stay with us for one simple reason: personalized service from a family-run firm. The potential for cost savings is often what brings them to our door, but once they switch to us, they see that we can offer a level of service that goes beyond ADP or Paychex. They get direct access to me and their payroll processing specialist. So if there’s ever an issue, somebody will reach them within minutes.

Before Payroll Relief, we were using QuickBooks for payroll. We could give clients a high level of customer service and a personal touch, but not necessarily all the functionality. We didn’t have online portals, the ability to do workers’ comp, pay-as-you-go, or to pay child support and other garnishments electronically. The backend support of the software wasn’t fully there.

Now, with Payroll Relief, having all of those things has helped us to be able to not just compete with ADP and Paychex, but to go above and beyond them. The result: we now have a 99% retention rate. And almost all of our new business comes from word of mouth and customer referrals.

If you’re an accountant and you’re turning down payroll business, you’re really missing a crucial, very profitable revenue stream for your company. I know a lot of accountants will try and avoid getting into payroll, but I can say from my personal experience, if you do it right, and you use the correct software, you can really make a very nice profit for yourself and for your company.
– Matt Contardi

"With Payroll Relief, we’ve more than tripled the number of payrolls we’ve processed in the last four years."

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