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More and more accountants are profiting from payroll services every year. What's their secret?

At AccountantsWorld, our professional payroll solution, Payroll Relief, has given thousands of accountants the processing power and automation they need to make payroll both profitable and painless. Based upon our experience and listening to those success stories, we've identified eight strategies you can employ to create a more successful payroll service for your practice.

In this Guide you'll learn:

●  How to evaluate whether a payroll solution is right for the specific needs of professional accountants

●  The critical role of automation in payroll processing - and how you can maximize its impact

●  How to institute best-in-class processes and procedures - the "secret sauce" of successful payroll

●  How to better market your payroll service and support your new clients

●  And much more

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If you're ready to make more money from payroll, this is your guide to success.

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Why some payroll practices are
highly profitable, while others are not

Previously, my firm could process only 100 payrolls with a staff of two. Now the
same staff is processing 300 payrolls.

Matt Contardi

A practical guide for payroll processors