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Cure your clients' pain - and yours too

You know from experience that the vast majority of small business owners find accounting work to be a hassle, and a distraction from what they love to do - growing their business. Few small businesses know how to use accounting tools proactively to better manage their business finances, and it’s often hard for small businesses to get competent accounting or bookkeeping staff or help.

And you know well what the consequences are for you and your clients. For one, you spend a significant amount of your time fixing the bookkeeping errors that clients make. Numerous surveys of accounting practices have rated this as one of the major challenges accountants face.

In short, the current situation creates pain for both you and your clients.

It’s time to put an end to this lose-lose predicament.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

● Why do-it-yourself (DIY) accounting systems create undue pain for both small businesses and for professional accountants

● How a new class of professional accounting solutions can not only eliminate that pain, but also open up new opportunities for accountants like you to better serve their clients

● Seven key criteria to look for in a modern accounting system
We’ve achieved 75% revenue growth in the past 5 years – without increasing our number of clients. The key is that, thanks to better software and processes, we’re more responsive to the needs of our clients, regardless of their situation.
– Steven Brewer, CPA

How to strengthen your client relationships and boost your accounting profits

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