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How to build a highly profitable Client
Accounting Services (CAS) practice in 90 days

Any accounting firm that’s serious about giving clients what they need and value - and raising their own relevance and bottom line - can’t afford to lose out on the tremendous opportunities created by Client Accounting Services (CAS).
And if you want to get CAS right, there are 5 essential components that you need to master.

In this guide, we will:

● Briefly explain what CAS is, and why it has become more important now

● Dispel four common myths about CAS 

●  Discuss how you can start offering CAS quickly - and then grow it consistently

● Prepare you to offer CAS with a minimal investment of time and resources by first targeting your existing client base in a systematic manner

● Detail the keys to sustaining long-term profitability from CAS 

In deciding to upgrade our
service offerings to focus on CAS, we struggled a bit at first. But we understood the significance of CAS the moment we reversed our viewpoint – from what our firm can do/afford to do, to what new benefits our clients AND our firm will receive from CAS. It (offering CAS) became a no-brainer decision.
– Jim Sosinski, CPA

A practical guide for accountants

A practical guide for accountants

You can easily increase your profits from your accounting practice by 50% or more using the techniques presented in this Guide, provided you have a reasonable number of clients who currently use a G/L system like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Sage or other similar systems.

The highly actionable insights presented in this Guide are derived from our in-depth understanding of the real needs of accounting firms and their clients - insights that we have gained from serving the profession for the past 30 years. We have also relied on frequent feedback from accounting firm owners who have made CAS one of the highest revenue-earning segments of their practices. 

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