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The 2020 Expert Webinar Series

The Best Learning Tool Ever Invented

Tacit (in Latin means “silent or secret”) knowledge is “sticky,” in that it is not easily articulated and exists in people’s minds. It is complex and rich, whereas explicit knowledge tends to be thin and low-bandwidth, like the difference between looking at a map and taking a journey of a certain terrain. The highest levels of knowledge and competence are inherently tacit, being difficult and expensive to transmit. This type of knowledge transfer is a “social” process between individuals, and is especially important in knowledge organizations where so much of the intellectual capital (IC) is “sticky” tacit knowledge. One of the most effective ways to capture knowledge is by utilizing an After Action Review.

Learning Objectives

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Presented December 17, 2020

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By Ronald J. Baker
Founder, VeraSage Institute, Chief Value Officer at Armanino, and radio talk-show host at VoiceAmeria.com 


The Best Learning Tool Ever Invented: After Action Reviews  

Webinar series main

•  Understand how the AAR transformed the culture in the military

•  The four questions to ask during an AAR

•  An AAR Agenda will be provided to all participants

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