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The 2020 Expert Webinar Series

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Presented June 2, 2020

By Joel Greenwald, Esq.
Managing Partner, Greenwald Doherty 

Getting Back to Business: Reopening the Workplace and Rehiring Employees in the Current Crisis 

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Some of the topics discussed are:

What legal and logistical steps should my company be taking to prepare to bring employees back into the office? What are the legal risks and safety concerns with reopening the workplace? Can, or should, we be taking employees’ temperatures?  Requiring COVID-19 testing? What policies and protocols should I have in place when we reopen? SBA Loans and the PPP - what staffing levels do I need to be at for potential loan forgiveness? What kind of unpaid or paid leave do I have to offer employees during this time?  

About Joel Greenwald, Esq.
Managing Partner, Greenwald Doherty 

Focusing on labor relations and employment law, Joel Greenwald advises and represents management on myriad legal issues. His educational and accessible style endears him to clients and colleagues alike.

While he fiercely defends his clients from claims and aggressively pursues claims on their behalf, Joel believes in helping employers avoid litigation from the start. With a wide range of innovative legal services and engaging training sessions for management and human resources, Joel establishes clear strategies to achieve compliance with federal, state, and local workplace laws and regulations.

Joel has been recognized with numerous awards, including by Martindale Hubbell with their prestigious “AV” rating. He has also repeatedly been named as a Super Lawyer™. He routinely saves clients significant expenses with his efficient and effective representation. A frequent lecturer to trade and professional groups, as well as a contributing columnist to business journals, his audiences value his depth of experience with mediators, arbitrators, federal courts, and major agencies like the U.S. Dept. of Labor. Joel earned his JD from Duke University School of Law and his B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.