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The 2020 Expert Webinar Series

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Presented May 13, 2020

By Dr. Chandra Bhansali
Co-founder and CEO, AccountantsWorld

How to Weather the Storm... And Emerge Stronger

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We’re in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, one that will have an adverse impact on most accounting practices. But it doesn’t have to permanently damage your practice. You can not only bounce back from it but thrive for years to come - if you take it as a wake-up call to reinvent your practice.

First, it's time to acknowledge the critical role in helping your clients during this time of crisis. The way you’ve helped your clients during this crisis by filing PPP applications and offering other help has done two things. First, after seeing how you have helped them, your clients have a deeper appreciation for your importance to their businesses. That opens the door to showing them how much more they can benefit by permanently working more closely with you.

In this presentation, you'll learn how to:

Educate your clients on the new reality. Clients don't know what they need. Identify what services clients can benefit from that they are currently not receiving, and then explain to them why those services are essential for putting their businesses on solid footing for survival and future growth.

Expand your vision and scope of services. We'll show you how you can offer profitable services that most accountants ignore – services that save clients time and money so they can focus on their businesses.

Use the right tools and processes to provide those services effectively and efficiently.

Set the right fees for your services to create a win-win for your firm and your clients.

Energize your staff.

It’s all about making your firm more relevant. We’ll give you everything you need - the right tools, training, and resources - to make it happen. The result? You’ll grow your profits by 20% or more while you help your clients’ businesses survive and thrive.

About Dr. Chandra Bhansali
Co-founder and CEO, AccountantsWorld

Perhaps the only important thing you need to know about Dr. Bhansali is that for the past 30 years, his and his wife Sharada’s genuine passion has been to find innovative ways for accountants to benefit from emerging technologies and remain relevant to the profession.

And today that’s the passion of the entire AccountantsWorld team.

Other minor details – Chandra is CEO of AccountantsWorld and holds a PhD in Engineering from the University of Buffalo. He has been consistently named among the “100 Most Influential People in Accounting” by Accounting Today for more than 10 years.

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