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Traditionally, payroll has been considered a low-margin service. But the reality is that many accountants are making more money per hour of their time with payroll services than their peers are making from tax, accounting, or audit. What’s their secret?

At AccountantsWorld, we've helped thousands of accountants achieve more profitable payroll practices with our Payroll Relief software. We've interviewed many of those successful accountants to ask them the keys to their growth and sustainability. In this ebook, you’ll discover 20 tips from your accountant peers on how to offer more profitable payroll services.

This ebook will show you:

● What differentiates industrial-strength payroll software, and why it’s essential to maximizing profitability

● How to unleash the full power of automation in your payroll practice

● How to make the most of every workday with a “scan and plan” approach to payroll processing tasks

● How to select the right clients, and then attract more new clients like them

And much more.

If you’re committed to making your payroll service more profitable for your firm – and more beneficial to your clients – don’t miss this essential ebook.

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20 Tips to Turbocharge Your Payroll Practice

From my personal experience, if you do payroll right and you use the correct software, you can really make a very nice profit for your company. And you can make yourself that much more indispensable to your clients.
Matt Contardi
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