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About Tyler Winn:

Tyler Winn is a CPA with a passion for building businesses, serving clients, and creating happy teams. After several years in public accounting and consulting, Tyler started his own bookkeeping business. He quickly began to witness his clients struggling to find payroll solutions that made their lives easier, so he decided to offer payroll services himself. His clients loved it, and Tyler found his entrepreneurial calling. Learn more at

Tyler Winn’s goal is to eventually process 1,000 payrolls with just 3 staff members. Imagine how profitable his payroll practice is now, and will be in the future. So how is he doing it?

In this exclusive conversation, Tyler shared specific details on how he used automation to transform his processes and grow his payroll practice.

In this free on-demand presentation, Tyler discusses:

♦ The criteria he used to select the payroll software for his practice, and why he ultimately chose Payroll Relief

♦ How he developed a step-by-step workflow for hyperefficient payroll

♦ Specific techniques he used to grow his client base

♦ How he acquired more than 50 five-star testimonials and online reviews

♦ How Tyler’s simple pricing structure gives him a sustainable competitive advantage over national bureaus

If you want to make big, fat profits from payroll services, watch this video.

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If you want to make big, fat profits from payroll services, don’t miss this webinar.

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