Stop the Insanity:
How I Regained Control of My Accounting Firm

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Learn how fellow accountant Jim Sosinski CPA solved those concerns.

Jim faced those very same challenges and felt like he was losing control of his firm. But he discovered and implemented a better way – advanced processes and tools that helped him take back control of his firm, and boost his bottom line and client satisfaction as well.

In this video, Jim will share:

♦ Too many tax returns put on extension

♦ Too many hours wasted on menial tasks

♦ Clients creating errors when they try to do accounting or bookkeeping work

♦ Taking on clients who don’t match your firm's goals and expertise

♦ Too much time wasted on integrating data across systems or upgrading systems

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Watch the Presentation

Learn how to make your accounting practice more profitable and better serve your clients - from an accountant who's already done it himself. 

Are any of these challenges hurting your accounting firm?

Are any of these challenges hurting your accounting firm?

Presented by Jim Sosinski, CPA

♦ How he balanced his workflow throughout the year to make tax time much more manageable

♦ How he decided what types of new clients to accept – and which ones to reject

♦ Three ways that the right cloud-based accounting system allowed him to gain unprecedented control over client engagements

♦ How he changed his billing model to make more money in fewer hours 

Because of our new streamlined efficiencies, we process client work in a fraction of the time that it used to take. This efficiency allows us to process more work with less staff and virtually no errors. 
— Jim Sosinski, CPA



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