♦  Automate your payroll processing and compliance to an unprecedented degree 

 Minimize payroll data entry and printing time

 Help you earn $3 - $5 per paycheck or more

 Strengthen your client relationships and increase client retention

 Create a perpetual revenue stream for your firm

Looking to revamp your payroll practice and make more money? You owe it to yourself to give Payroll Relief a closer look.

Payroll Relief is the first truly cloud-based payroll processing service designed exclusively for accountants like you. Now you can offer highly profitable, fully automated payroll services without any compliance headaches. In fact, 65% of Payroll Relief users report at least a 25% improvement in their payroll service*.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn how Payroll Relief can:

"Our payroll processing time has been reduced by 75%."

Zahid Rupani, CPA
Princeton, NJ


"I’ve more than doubled my payroll billing in just two years using Payroll Relief."

Kristi Dolan
Lynchburg, VA


"We’re earning 70% profit on each payroll with Payroll Relief. You can make money at this if you do it right."

Jason Feist
Cincinnati, OH

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